Happy Feet (2006)

Happy Feet (2006) In my view... The story of Happy Feet is a very lovely story that has also an important message: climate change and the danger for the wild animals it bring around the pole circles on our planet. But the storyline focuses on a king penguin who in contrast to his other fellow… Continue reading Happy Feet (2006)


The Seasonal Column 2022 | Spring Summary and Summer Preview

Welcome to Sophieโ€™s Creative and the Seasonal Column of Spring 2022! In this 'The Seasonal Column' I give you a summary of my life and the blog of the past season. This edition of spring is highlighted and I also give away already a small preview for the summer edition on which I will reflect… Continue reading The Seasonal Column 2022 | Spring Summary and Summer Preview


My study experience of a decade

Back in September 2011 I started my first study. Now a decade later I review on this on an emotional and personal level. This will be my last study-related blog post of studying at a university in The Netherlands. I do not fit in this Dutch defined system so a decade full of experience and… Continue reading My study experience of a decade


Dynasty | Season One

In my view... The series Dynasty is about two families in the United States who are very wealthy and have feuds about their fortunes. It is filmed from several points of view but the common thread through the story is seen by the main character Fallon Carrington. She has a brother Steven and they live… Continue reading Dynasty | Season One


The Cheese Factory – Simone van der Vlugt

Cover photo by Wim van der Vlugt and model Simone van der Vlugt My book review of 'The Cheese Factory' written by Simone van der Vlugt In my view This historical fiction is set at the end of the 19th century and in the second part at the beginning of the 20th century and the… Continue reading The Cheese Factory – Simone van der Vlugt


YouTube | Baba Yetu original song and covers

Baba Yetu is a song that is covered by different artists over the past few years. I first heard of it at the YouTube channel of Peter Hollens through his cover of this song together with Malukah seven years ago. Baba Yetu stands for 'The Lord's Prayer' in the Swahili language. And this song sounds… Continue reading YouTube | Baba Yetu original song and covers


YouTube | Musicality – From Now On (‘The Greatest Showman’) Musicality Cover

Nearly two years ago I stumbled upon a this video of the group Musicality covering one of the most powerful songs of the film 'The Greatest Showman'. A powerful song sung by a diverse group who puts their power into their voices and music and they sound and act as one. The magic and the… Continue reading YouTube | Musicality – From Now On (‘The Greatest Showman’) Musicality Cover


Free Guy (2021)

"Life is too short to be a background character."Free Guy Poster 2021 from IMP Awards. In my view... Last year I went to the cinema to watch this film. Not knowing what to expect, except for a good portion of fun because actor Ryan Reynolds is playing the main role of the film. The story… Continue reading Free Guy (2021)


Cenawin Laptop Stand

My gadget review of product 'Cenawin Laptop Stand' In my view When the umpteenth lockdown of 2020 was ahead, and I just started with a new fulltime job, I needed soon a laptop stand. Classic winterscrolling on Amazon during a late night, my friend stumbled upon this laptop stand and ordered on. Soon I got… Continue reading Cenawin Laptop Stand


Zoo | Season Two

Zoo Season Two Poster In my view... Zoo is a series about animals from particular places and a little bit from all over the world. Earlier I have written a review about the first season and the start of this series: Zoo | Season One. The series focuses on a mutation gone wrong situation in… Continue reading Zoo | Season Two