2015 in a factual short story

As you all know it is today thursday 31 december 2015 and this means tonight it is New Year’s Eve! What happened on my blog this year? What happened to me? What are the facts of my blog?

Facts about me anno 2015:

I can talk a lot, I can write a lot, but just keep it short in facts and lists. I like that for the overview!

  • I started with a new study: Informatica – also known as Computer Science or IT –
  • My cycle gear is growing and I cycle – or sport in general – more and more. Back to the old rhythm
  • I have read since April 2015 60 books, some in English some in Dutch. The Dutch books have won this year.
  • Personal life – wait I never talked about my personal life really – but I like to say this: I am grateful for all the lovely people around me. The ones I know all my life. The ones I know for years. The one I know a year and the ones I have met this year.
  • My best and farthest travel was to Trondheim, Norway for the International Student Festival in Trondheim – ISFiT 2015 – the most I have learned in two weeks about life and about corruption and effect on students from all over the world. “The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow.” Quote by Marius Jones, Head of ISFiT 2015.
  • I have been for the first time at a host, a lovely Norwegian couple!, for eleven days! Amazing and great new experience.
  • I have seen the Dalai Lama there, he held a speech for a few hours. Very inspiring!

Do you have any more questions about me in 2015? Ask by the Contact Me page or a comment below this post.

Facts about my blog anno 2015:

Luckily you can find always so much through your statistics…so here they come:

  • In February I was already building, not posting yet (away to ISFiT and thinking about how to do it) and I finished the preparing of the blog in April of this year.


The blog posts
  • I have written 164 posts – yay this is number 165!
  • I have published 118 posts – yay this is number 119!
  • I have 45 posts as draft
  • I have 1 private post
  • I have written 18 book reviews
  • I have written 5 film reviews
  • I have written 4 series reviews
  • This post has 722 words (without all the numbers)


The Pages
  • I have written 22 pages
  • I have protected 3 of them (Portfolio, college purpose)
  • I have set private 3 pages too (ideas)
  •  Before this blog I had already two websites (Google Sites and the other blog website Blogger). I have transferred some content such as my ‘About Me‘ page
  • I like the lists and the review pages in lists the most
  • My own pearl page: Traveling Places Through Books


  • I started writing on this blog in April 2015
  • I started more consequently writing in November 2015
  • It took me a few months to figure out what sort of system would work for me personal and I can translate to blogging.
  • Top 5 countries with views on my blog is:
    1. The Netherlands
    2. The United States of America
    3. The United Kingdom
    4. Belgium
    5. Germany
  • The top 5 known search terms are:
    1. Goodreads 2015
    2. 13 day diet menu
    3. Piano guys
    4. Liebster Award
    5. Facebook filter
  • There are 104 unknown search terms
  • The top 5 of clicks from my site:
    1. Twitter
    2. Instagram
    3. Gravatar
    4. Facebook
    5. Goodreads
  • The top 5 referrers to my site:
    1. Search Engines
    2. WordPress Reader
    3. Facebook
    4. Twitter
    5. Hebban.nl
  • The top 5 of my best months:
    1. July
    2. August
    3. October
    4. November
    5. December (or december will be on place 4 when I post this blogpost).
  • Now I have given you five top 5 facts about my statistics!


Goals for 2016:
  • Post 5x a week
    • second level: Try every weekday
    • second level: Extra is the weekend
  • Double the total amount of views
  • Double the total amount of unique visitors
  • Write 26 book reviews – Reading Challenge of 2016 is set at reading 52 books.
  • Write 26 film reviews
  • Write 10 series reviews (means 10 seasons)
  • Improve my blog writing skills
  • Improve my English
  • Extend the Traveling Places Through Books page list by filling in more continents and multiple cities.


This was my 2015

These are my goals for 2016

I wish you a Happy New Year!

All the best of luck

And because of my curiosity:

What are your goals of 2016?

Or what do you want to say at the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016?

Happy New Year from Sophie!

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