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Traveling places through books

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One of the books that holds many places and let the main character travel through them, is ‘Dicht op de hielen’ (NL) or also known as ‘Call After Midnight’ written by Tess Gerritsen.

What I notices was that the main character of this book, Sarah Fontaine, is traveling through some places around the world to find her missing husband. I was wondering if more books travel through places and describe sometimes some typical things of those places.

Because so I decided to make a new page I add to my ‘Lists’ tab at the top of my website. From now on, every book that has interesting places, will be listed on this page: Traveling Pages Through Books. Traveling through the world with your imagination about the places and their descriptions in books, is lovely.

It seems like I like making lists this weekend…

Do you have some lists you really like?

Greetings by Sophie


1 thought on “Traveling places through books”

  1. The only book I can think of that does this (at the top of my head) is A Thousand Pieces of Me. They don’t only travel to different places but also (kinda, though not officially as they’re different universes) to space.
    I’ll definitely be checking in for the books you’ll come up with though. I love the idea!

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