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Top Five Posts | October

Hello readers! I am introducing another thing on my blog... The Top Five Post of the month!


Flikken Maastricht | Blowfish – Kees Vroege

My book review of "Kogelvis [NL] / Blowfish [EN]" written by Kees Vroege In my view... The second book of the thriller series around the famous cop television series called 'Flikken Maastricht'. When you know the television series you have high expectations of those books. These books are written 'based on the television series' so… Continue reading Flikken Maastricht | Blowfish – Kees Vroege

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The Empty City – Simone van der Vlugt

My book review of "De Lege Stad [NL] / The Empty City [EN]" written by Simone van der Vlugt In my view... This is another historical novel written by Simone van der Vlugt. But this time the history is a bit closer. The story takes place just before, during and shortly after the World War… Continue reading The Empty City – Simone van der Vlugt

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Oblivion (2013)

In my view... A futuristic film about a drone repairer who is one of the few humans who is living on the earth. A war that happened decades ago destroyed the earths' moon and with it most of its' surface. Living on earth is not possible anymore so to the moon from Saturn or are asleep in… Continue reading Oblivion (2013)

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Seepje a natural detergent soap

Seepje is a natural soap - or detergent - that already existed in nature for ages. It is a little ball that releases in a natural way it's soap to shaking water. But not everything at once! You can use a little ball up to three times and then its natural soap material is completely… Continue reading Seepje a natural detergent soap

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The Lexus IS sedan cardboard car

The Lexus IS sedan cardboard car. The result and the Making of the Origami Inspired Car

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Autumn Holiday 2015

The autum holiday. One week full of traveling, family, friends, bikes and blogging. Do you have this little one-week holiday too? Greetings by Sophie


Quiz – Dick Maas

My book review of "Quiz" written by Dick Maas In my view... This story is about a television quiz host named Leo Vandermolen who has just presented his last show. His goal for the next television season is to have a break. After years of working he wants to go to Florence for a year… Continue reading Quiz – Dick Maas

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The Piano Guys – A Sky Full of Stars A while ago I heard for the first time about The Piano Guys. A fantastic music talented duo! Their own re-compositions of the music they play is so amazing! This is their new song: A Sky Full of Stars Music credits: “Sky Full Of Stars” written by Coldplay & Swedish DJ Avicii The Piano… Continue reading The Piano Guys – A Sky Full of Stars

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Codecademy | The Overview

There are a few ways how to learn to program. Or at least how to learn the basics of programming. One of these methods besides reading the books about a programming language, is learning how to use codes by Codecademy. A free learning tool online. Do you know Codecademy? What is Codecademy? What can you… Continue reading Codecademy | The Overview