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Birthday 2015

Today it's my birthday! Have a nice evening! Celebration greetings by Sophie

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Facebook new profile filter

I am curious to your thoughts about the new feature of Facebook. To have a temporary profile picture with the filter of a flag of a country over it. What happened in France was terrible! And suddenly lots of Facebook profile pictures were turned into the same profile picture but than with a shade of… Continue reading Facebook new profile filter

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The 90 seconds short facts | Spy of the Vatican

My own little 90 seconds bookreview video. The 90 seconds short facts of Spy of the Vatican.

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Question: vlogging?

Vote for my question: Shall I create a vieo for vlogging my bookreviews?

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Common Cold

How to prevent - or not making worse - your common cold? Winter starts next month and with the fluctuating temperatures, the common cold comes back into the picture.

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Hi readers, As you probably have seen, I have created many new pages last week about my personal Portfolio. This is a task for study that, during my entire academic career of this new study, will be tracked. It is a personal Portfolio so that page is protected, but not all pages and not all… Continue reading Portfolio

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Davidoff – Cool Water Woman Night Dive

The fragrances of Davidoff with its 'Cool Water' collection is quite famous and exists already for a few years. This year Davidoff came up with a new fragrance.Β The new fragrance of Davidoff! 'Cool Water Woman Night Dive'! Of what exists this delicious fragrance? "BEAUTY OF THE OCEAN Top : Sparkling freshness with mandarin and ginger… Continue reading Davidoff – Cool Water Woman Night Dive

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Florian Mohr – Piano Songs Mix The amazing and recognizable compilation of songs by pianist Florian Mohr. In facts: He plays a self composed compilation of 39 songs in 8 minutes and 21 seconds (568 seconds total). Each song is approximately 12 seconds short and in these 12 seconds the features of the - at that moment playing - song… Continue reading Florian Mohr – Piano Songs Mix


The Hedge Knight | Graphic novel #1 – George R.R. Martin

My book review of "The Hedghe Knight" written by George R.R. Martin In my view... Sometimes I read graphic novels as well and this is one of them. The 'A Game of Thrones' prequel. I have not read a book from the series yet, except this prequel who has a little series of itself as… Continue reading The Hedge Knight | Graphic novel #1 – George R.R. Martin

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Twitter polls

Since a few days Twitter has enrolled the option to ask questions to the Twitter world by making a poll! Such good news! I really like this new function. The question can be answered within 24 hours and Twitter gives you realtime updates about the progress and the final result. This is the question I… Continue reading Twitter polls