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Trailer Flikken Rotterdam

The new series Flikken Rotterdam is about to start friday!
The series which is filmed in my city: Rotterdam!

Hereby the trailer of the first season:

I think I have to get used to the soundtrack, it sounds like a new style for series season introductions. Who knows. It is oke but I have to get used to it.


5 thoughts on “Trailer Flikken Rotterdam”

    1. Marcia I agree with you! And I hope it will be as good as Flikken Maastricht but then with its own style.

      My opinion is that the trailer is less exciting as the ‘Teaser’ ( but since I review series it is appropiate to start with the original season trailer. Maybe we have to get used to the new introductional music piece. I am wondering about that the most.

      Thanks for your comment!

      Greetings by Sophie

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