Hanna’s Birthday – Gull Åkerboom

My book review of "Hanna's Birthday" written by Gull Åkerboom Title: Hanna's Verjaardag [NL] / Hanna's Birthday [EN] / Annonsen [SE] Author: Gull Åkerboom Genre: Fiction ISBN: 9789086962587 NUR: 350 - Fiction General Publisher: Uitgeverij Eenvoudig Communiceren B.V. Year 1st edition & read edition: 2016 Year read: 2016 Original title & language: Annonsen [SE] Read language: Dutch Pages: 72 Rating: 5 / 5 stars I hope… Continue reading Hanna’s Birthday – Gull Åkerboom

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Eurovision 2016 Douwe Bob

Tomorrow is the finale of the Eurovision Songcontest 2016. Douwe Bob represents The Netherlands during the finale with the song 'Slow Down'. He has a special voice which isn't alike Michael Bublé and isn't alike Waylon. But in my opinion it is in between them and does not overlap. I love the song. And a… Continue reading Eurovision 2016 Douwe Bob


Witse | The Dutch Connection – Guido Eekhout

My book review of "Witse | The Dutch Connection" written by Title: Witse | The Dutch Connection Author: Guido Eekhout Genre: Crime / Thriller ISBN: 978-90-892-4245-7 NUR: 331 - Detective Publisher: Houtekiet, Antwerpen Year 1st edition & read edition: 2013, 1st edition Year read: 2016 Original title & language: Witse | De Nederlandse connectie Read language: Dutch Pages: 246 Places: Brussels / Halle Rating: 4 / 5… Continue reading Witse | The Dutch Connection – Guido Eekhout

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Mother’s Day 2016

Today is a very sunny sunday in The Netherlands ánd it is Mother's Day. So treat you're mum as a special person today because today we all stand still by our appreciation for our mother who gave birth to us, helps us in life and so on. I like that Mother's Day is worldwide and… Continue reading Mother’s Day 2016

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Remembrance of the Dead 2016

Today is a yearly special day. The 4th of May is also known as 'Remembrance of the Dead' day. In The Netherlands we call it the 'Dodenherdenking'. The moment when we are all, on 20:00 (Dutch time) sharp, silent for two minutes. It is not exactly the same as 'Remembrance Day' or 'Poppy Day' because… Continue reading Remembrance of the Dead 2016


The new Sherlock Holmes novel | The House of Silk – Anthony Horowitz

My book review of "The House of Silk" written by Anthony Horowitz Title: The House of Silk Author: Anthony Horowitz Genre: Adventure / Crime / Fiction / Mystery ISBN: 9781409136361 Publisher: Orion Books Ltd. Year 1st edition & read edition: 2011 Year read: 2016 Original title & language: The House of Silk [EN] Read language: English Pages: 389 Places: Gloucestershire / London / Wimbledon Rating: 5 /… Continue reading The new Sherlock Holmes novel | The House of Silk – Anthony Horowitz