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The Stairs of Rotterdam

Today at the end of my exam week, I did some cultural discovery in my hometown Rotterdam. I have climbed the stairs! It takes 140 steps on the partly wooden staircase to reach the top of the ‘Groothandels Gebouw’. A famous old gigantic trade building where during the reconstruction of Rotterdam, much trade occurred.

And this is the picture I took today from the rooftop of this gigantic building. You see on the left the famous Erasmus bridge .In the middle west part of the city center with its changing architectures and in the distance the southern cultural part of Rotterdam. On the right you see the gigantic hospital Erasmus Medical Center, also shortly known as Erasmus MC.

This is a helicopter view taken by (on Instagram) @ovanduivenbode

Climbing those stairs is just a temporary event and is has already been extended by one week. You can climb those stairs until sunday 19th of June 2016.

After sunday the wooden stairs will be used to make little benches. Named ‘Trapbankie’. They made 400 of those benches and they are all sold! I am wondering where in the world I would discover one. So if you see one of those benches: you know where it comes from!

An example of ‘Trapbankie’. Picture taken by @rotterdamviertdestad.

Have you visited The Netherlands and climbed those stairs?

Greetings by Sophie


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