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Travel in Vienna

Monday morning

Today I am flying to Vienna to have a week full of culture, animals – yes the famous panda’s of Tiergarten Schönbrunn (Zoo Vienna), music such as the famous classical composers like Mozart but the Jazz category as well, architecture and technology. Or at least I try to find some jazz.

This whole week I will write about everything I experience, if I can keep up with all the writing but I’ll try. I intend to visit with the Vienna Pass an activity amount of 30+, maybe around 35. I was interested in at least 40 so choices have to be made later this week what to do and what to skip.

The Sachertorte is one I can’t ignore and will definitely try. And I will see how average my German still is after several years of my last German lesson in college as a junior. I am also one day visiting the United Nations Head Office that is located in Vienna.

I am ready to go and my plane is waiting. Vienna here I come!

Have you ever been to Vienna?

Greetings by Sophie


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