LuckyTV: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton “Time of my Life” (Official)

This video went viral today on the internet. A funny video of the debate between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. The song ‘Time of our lives’ from the film Dirty Dancing. Brilliantly made in just a few hours by Sander van de Pavert for the Dutch television program De Wereld Draait Door (DWDD) (‘The world goes round n round’). I rarely write about politics but this video brought more happiness to me than the debate. Well…since they don’t have made a decision about who has won the debate…

Who would have won the singing contest?

YouTube Description:

LuckyTV: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton “Time of my Life” (Official)

Published on 11 Oct 2016

For more LuckyTV check: LuckyTV @ DWDD


Greetings by Sophie


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