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YouTube | Joy Dunlop – Ma phòsas mi, cha ghabh mi tè mhòr – Horo Gheallaidh, BBC Alba

Music I stumbled upon while I am writing my blog post about my day today in Edinburgh and I like to share this with you meanwhile. Joy Dunlop sings the Gaelic song ‘Ma phòsas mi, cha ghabh mi tè mhòr – Horo Gheallaidh, BBC Alba’. Can you guess what it means?

YouTube Description

“Published on 5 Sep 2014

One of three tracks that Joy Dunlop filmed for the television programme ‘Horo Gheallaidh’ on BBC Alba during Celtic Connections 2013 in Glasgow

Category: Music
Licence: Standard YouTube Licence”

What it exactly means…is for me a riddle. Time for a good night sleep and tomorrow being on the road of exploring the beauty of Edinburgh and somewhere inbetween finishing my blog post recap of today and starting with the blog post of tomorrow earlier because the more I explore the more I want to write, even in the summary of a recap blog post. 

Enjoy the music!

Oíche mhaith agus codladh sámh!Good night and sleep well in Gaelic

Greetings by Sophie


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