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YouTube | The Choir of Man – Some Nights

The Discovery

During my holiday last week in Edinburgh, Scotland, I discovered a poster about ‘The Choir of Man’. They perform several nights in the theatre during the ‘Edinburgh Fringe Festival‘. They have covered the song “Some Nights” which is originally sung by ‘Fun‘ and is already a couple of years old.

But this video is a nice cover. You hear the different voices, the pitch and this is all really good combined together. As well as their accent which is quite different from the original but therefore it gives it their personal touch. A song sung in their own style. If you are in Edinburgh, I recommend to go watch their performance and listen to their beautiful voices, combined together as a real men’s choir.

Enjoy watching and listening!

YouTube Description

Published on 15 Nov 2016

The Choir of Man cover Fun’s “Some Nights”

Category: People & Blogs 

Licence: Standard YouTube Licence

Greetings by Sophie


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