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Edinburgh Wednesday

This blog post is a sequel to the series ‘The Recap of the Day – Edinburgh 2017’.
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The morning

The weather predictions were not too good for Wednesday but I started my morning early because there was just one major thing planned for today: the Edinburgh Zoo! Oh I was already looking forward to this moment for days! It plays in fact a big part in the choice of city for my summerholiday citytrip this year. Together with a digital camera, a Manfrotto monopod, a selfiestick, a couple of fully loaded batteries yes when you travel on your own now and then you have to capture yourself in a photo right? And a selfiestick is a nice and safe way to avoid dropping your phone accidently when you are hiking or taking a photograph above deep waters.

I had bought my ticket for the zoo already a few days in advance and had booked a timeslot to visit the Giant Panda’s! Yes it is a timeslot and as a huge Giant Panda fan I do understand why there is a timeslot because space for the zoo visitors to visit their living area is not huge. I prefer of course a Giant Panda visit without a timeslot but it is manageble this way. Every fifteen minutes a talk about the panda’s start as well and you can ask question to the zookeepers or another member of the whole team. 

The afternoon

Right before the afternoon I took the bus to the Edinburgh Zoo. A nice ride of around 30 minutes. The weather was a bit grey cloudy and now and then some raindrops. But as a Dutchie used to periods that contains of ‘raining-all-day’ days, I was content with the situation. Just cloudy with a nice temperature. I will of course write a separate special blog post about the zoo with its 30 ha and over 180 species. They also have something very special beside the Gian’t Pandas I have never seen in other zoos before. Every zoo has it’s own kind of special signature thing.

 The evening

It had rained for half the afternoon but that did not stop me from walking through the zoo. Around closing time I left the zoo and it took some time before I got home. A bit tired of the previous strenuous days and visiting a zoo located on a hill, with a lovely view on Edinburgh when you climb to the top. When I reached home I sat for half an hour, already writing my notes for my blog posts, and changed clothes. The evening had started and I went on my way to the city center. I wanted to try a bar at the Victoria Street and was looking for a different kind of bar. I ended up in an Irish pub version. The Finnegan’s Wake. It was a spacious bar with several sport screens so while having a drink watching a sports game – football. It was a nice way to spend the rest of the early evening. A duo – guitarist and pianist – performed after the match with covers from different pop songs and more locally known songs. When the sunset was complete I had another walk through town back home and the preparations for The Fringe Festival were quite developing so now and then you stumble upon a funny decoration in the city or just beautiful city lights.

This recap has been a short one because the major part was the zoo and I will write a special blog post about that.

Goodnight folks!

Oidhche, mhath.

Greetings by Sophie


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