YouTube | GANDALF THE GRAHAM | Best of LOTR on The Graham Norton Show

The Discovery

Now and then I watch short videos on YouTube of The Graham Norton Show. It’s full of laughter, funny jokes, a bit serious too, lots of facts when it’s actors and musicians and all the things that are coming up or what is completed.

This evening I stumbled upon this video which is a summary of The Lord of the Rings actors telling about filming, acting, anecdotes, imitations and so on. It is a nice summary and tells you a bit about the ins & outs of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit trilogy and….Hobbiton! Yes it exists! A real place! Would this happen more often in the future; old film locations / sets turned into a tourist attraction-place to visit?


YouTube Description

GANDALF THE GRAHAM | Best of LOTR on The Graham Norton Show | The Graham Norton Show | 102,077 views | 3,748 likes | 19 dislikes
Published on 11 Aug 2017
Graham shows his love for the cast of Lord Of The Rings.
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Category: Entertainment
Licence: Standard YouTube Licence

Enjoy watching!

Greetings by Sophie


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