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YouTube | Saara Aalto and Teemu Roivanen – You Raise Me Up

Saara Aalto & Teemu Roivanen are both singer-songwriters with an incredible voice and they play the grande piano. More then ten years ago they became already friends and Teemu was the pianist in Saara’s Band. Teemu Roivanen started his solo career with his first album, discography record, in 2015. A year after this video. Saara and Teemu sing this famous song and it’s like they sing with a full choir. Such a reach and power both their voices have!

Enjoy watching!

Saara Aalto & Teemu Roivanen – You Raise Me Up (Official Music Video)
Published by: Saara Aalto
Views: 500K+
Date: 14th February 2014

Loves from Sophie


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