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Halloween Food and Drinks 2020

This weekend it is Halloween so I have written a blog post with a set of inspiring food and drinks for this years home edition.

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A set of ten food & drinks ideas to make at home and celebrate Halloween. Some are quick and easy and some are a bit advanced but it is all explained in a video then.

The Halloween food

All this food is easy to create in a Halloween theme. From snacks such as the hot dog transformed in a mummy hot dog, a rice bar transformed in a mummy rice bar, cake pops transformed in eye balls, black dipped apples, mummy brownies and even a green slime cake! Which one will you try?

The Halloween drinks

Delicious food do not make a small party without a delicious drink! Non-alcoholic mostly from an orange blending syrup, a milky spooky oreo shake to a greenish lime juice and a purple witchy alcoholic cocktail. Which drink do you like?

Have a happy Halloween!

Loves from Sophie


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