72 Cutest Animals

My series review of “72 Cutest Animals” created by Showrunner Productions

In my view…

A few weeks ago I discovered a new series on Netflix, named “72 Cutest Animals”. It is a series made of many film shots of animals in the wild and in the zoo. Every episode is a surprise. This series tries to answer the question: “Who is the cutest animal of them all?”. In every episode there are clues to be found for the winning animal and of course the animal is presented too in one of the episodes and that animals is not kept to the last part of the last episode. In fact I am really happy with who the winner is according to this series. Who wouldn’t be?

Animals you at least can expect:
alpaca hippopotamus quokka
beaver japanese macaque rabbit
brown bear kangaroo rhino
cassowary koala sea otter
cotton-top tamarin leopard snow monkey
dolphin Manatee spider monkey
echidna marmoset squirrel
elephant seal meerkat tapir
elephant octopus tiger
flamingo orang-utan whale shark
galapagos tortoise panda wombat
giraffe peacock
goats polar bear
gorilla polar fox

This series also explains a lot about every animal in just six minutes. Every episode doesn’t take longer than 30 minutes watching. Six animals each episode, 72 in total means 12 hours of fun, animals, nature, the wild and all its cuteness! I am a big animal lover since I was very young and even I am told things I had never heard of before. The job of a zookeeper and taking care of a loving animal, is one of my dream jobs. Maybe that dream will become true one day.

This trailer explains a lot and I will not tell too much further on, the trailer explains for you.

YouTube Description

Published on 30 Mar 2016 | SUBSCRIBE 91

The animal kingdom continually astounds us with showcases of strength and capability beyond our own, innovative adaptation to a changing environment and at times, amazing intelligence. This series goes beyond the remarkable science and examines how some creatures possess an emotional appeal that we are powerless to resist. Cuteness is difficult to define and completely open to interpretation. Is visual allure the singular yardstick of adorability? Or do character traits and behaviour each have a role to play? Over a twelve part journey of thirty minute episodes, a menagerie of charming contestants will compete for your affections. Will the inquisitive meerkat outdo the cuddly koala? How will the lovable little penguin be ranked against the cheeky snow monkey? This series gathers together the world’s 72 Cutest Animals and seeks to answer the big question: which is the cutest of them all?

I hope you like the series too. It is worth to watch it! I am not telling too  much about the story – never do in my reviews – you have to see the series yourself and make your own opinion. 

What is your favorite animal?

Enjoy watching!

Greetings by Sophie

Series Facts:

Title: 72 Cutest Animals
Genre: Documentary
Directors/Producers: Ray Pedretti / Trish Robinson
Screenwriter: Ray Pedretti / Trish Robinson
Country: All around the world
Language spoken: English
Release in NL: 01 June 2016
Time: 30 per episode
Production Companies: Showrunner Productions
IMDb rating: 5,9 / 10 stars
Rating:  5 / 5

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