A week full of study

Sometimes you see a blog post with a reason why we – as bloggers – didn’t blog for a certain amount of time.
This is not really a sorry blog post. It is just a fact that I mention. Last week I didn’t have time, nor the energy, nor I couldn’t think relax about blogging.

It has been quiet for a week on my blog. Not on purpose. I just didn’t have time to write, think about writing or do anything related to my blog. Previous week was a long, hard, energy-consuming week and it all had to do with studying. The first week of three weeks of project had begun and it didn’t start well. Mostly due to some organisation and misunderstanding issues.

Stress is the word that describes last week’s monday till friday. I have never stressed thát much in a week. And not because of exams, these were mostly the previous week. Maybe I am inspired now to write a blog post about stress the pro’s and cons.

I won’t tell you much more because it is partly – and hopefully soon completely – solved and a blog post is not for complaining about it. Maybe I could have written in the weekend, but this weekend was much fun with friends, some relax for my body, mind and soul. For the whole week I didn’t read a book except a study book for a retake of an exam.

Blogging Rules

There are some rules for me and blogging:
– I blog because I like to write about my interests and experiences in life
– Because I like it, I write it in a mood when I like those things
“Better loving the posts you write and write them at that time, than writing because ‘the planning says so’.” – Sophie 2016

So in short;
Yes I skipped a week, took the weekend off from blogging or related social media, to recover and now I feel even better as before!

I hope you still look forward to my upcoming blog posts!

My question to you:

Do you recognize as a reader or blogger sometimes these moments? Did you have them too?

Have a nice evening and a good week!

Greetings by Sophie

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  1. I run into times where I have to take time away from my blog, usually two or three weeks a year. I crank out one or two posts a day, often over 1,000 words a day on top of reading the posts from all of the blogs that show up in my browser… Sometimes it’s just too much. Gotta decompress.

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