Welcome to my portfolio!

This portfolio consists of an introduction of me, information about the study and courses I follow, some more explanation about the related competences, a list of goals, some projects I worked on, a list of skills and some volunteer work I do and have done where I have been a crew member.

My biggest project is of course this blog and the related socials. The socials are recently redesigned and about that I have written a blog post. And some portfolio social links are added too.

Enjoy exploring this portfolio!

Loves from Sophie

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Portfolio Parts

Hereby an overview of the different portfolio parts. The green buttons are clickable and will lead you to the corresponding page.

About Me

If you are curious for who I am in short facts related to my portfolio.

College Software Engineering 2015 – 2021

On this project page (currently under reconstruction) I explain briefly per year and trimester what I learn(ed) during the study Software Engineering .


Professional competences and general competences related to the study software engineering in The Netherlands. (Currently under reconstruction)


Short term goals, mid term goals and long term goals set out in different categories.


The projects I have (done) besides my studies.

Study Projects

During the different studies I attended and courses I completed, I have done several projects.


The skills I obtained throughout my life. Not only study related skills but also things such as making music.

Volunteer work

During high school and my years of studying, I have been (and sometimes still am) a volunteer at several organisations. With several positions and responsibilities.

I am constantly broadening my skills and working on projects to test and show my skills. Now and then these pages will be updated.

Enjoy these pages with more detailed information about my projects.

Loves from Sophie

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