Alternating June of 2016

A new update of my student life


It has been a very busy and alternating week. The month june is nearly at it’s end but a few more days left and I hope those days will be sunny! The past couple of days before the weekend, the weather was stormy. Full of thunders and lightnings, heavy rains and sometimes it felt nearly tropical. Average temperatures and sometimes the sun broke through the clouds.

On saturday I have been to the beach to support friends who were taking the challenge of the Mud Masters event. They did it! Beautiful achievement! I supported them and walked also on the beach along with them to make some pictures to remember the event. During the event the sun broke through the clouds and in the afternoon even a clear blue sky. Wonderful! After the event I walked again along the boulevard of Scheveningen. From the ‘Beach Stadium’ to ‘De Pier’ and visited this re-opened venue. A clear blue sky, above the sea, a lovely temperature. Suddenly the summer has begun.

Since then the weather is quite oke. This june has been the most wet month since decades in comparison to all previous months. Even now and then an icy storm was not uncommon. This also happened at The Flying Dutch Festival where I will write about in another blog post. Lots of friends are graduated from study or are celebrating their birthday as well.

June is for me the month full of little festivities, music, social live, embracing the little moments of nice weather and study hard as well – best combined with nice weather. 


I described in ‘Study and the JavaFX Project’ already how I started with the three project weeks about making an Android Application.

The update of this week is: so far so good. On friday we have had our little presentation and passed that one. Two more to go and the final presentation will count for a final grade of the project. I have learned a lot about working with Android Studio and Java with it, only combining the right things to make combined graphs is a bit difficult right now. I believe I will figure it out between now and Wednesday evening.

Reading is a going a lot slower because of the project weeks but I read now and then. After those three weeks the summer break begins. I have to get back a few results and complete the last subjects. Then I have probably passed this year! I hope so! Summer will then start for me!

Have you been to the beach in The Netherlands?

Greetings by Sophie

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