Angel Has Fallen (2019)

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In my view…

About the story, tips, tricks and so on… , general storyline oke, assumptions, popular film or not, subject like it or not, connectec to news/real world.

The story is about a Secret Service agent named Mike Banning who is well-trained and has a certain way of doing things on his own way. But always according to the – unwritten – rules and principles. He has a little family and is about to make a step up from the threatening action life to the more director office life. But an event has gotten in the way. And if it was not for the skills he has as a Secret Service agent… what would his future turn into? There are some nice surprises in the film about his history and his family.

The story line is good. There is the question who has done what? And who is the villain? What is most beautiful in this film are the action scenes and some wise sentences and the tension arc. The story is a bit predictive but then still you got probably a myriad of possibilities of who’s the brain behind the conspiracy in the story. And it is quite very realistic. There is a thin line between which scenarios are realistic or could be surrealistic. Nothing is really unimaginable that it could be a real scenario one day.

I wonder if there will be another sequel in three years or so and if it will take place in a completely different part of the world. Like Asia or the Arctic or Antarctica e.g.. A G20 combined meeting maybe, who knows.


Any shot errors discovered? Character positions? Something? Prejudices? Book differences? Real world? News? Not the story only

In the film I did not discover any film shot errors. The colleagues in the battles are just there and the next moment are not there anymore. But that is maybe the difference between a film and a book. Some scenes and some characteres just have to be quickly mentioned to fit the time frame. This film is not based on a book but it is a standalone sequel to the other two ‘Has Fallen’ films: ‘London Has Fallen’ and ‘Olympus Has Fallen’.

The filming locations are nice and the whole setting is quite realistic. Even the shootings and the glass breaking and explosions. If you like action films or adventure films and a story about conspiracy, than this is a nice film to check out!


Main character indepth or shallow, good sidecharacters

And the main character Mike Banning is quite in-depth. The other main characters are more shallow displayed and some side characters are just vague. A receptionist could have been given a name for example and his colleagues are just there and then not anymore. But given the time frame a film is given, it makes sense to let his colleagues stay shallow. I am only a bit disappointed that his wife and daughter stay shallow too. It is all about his family and history and nothing of hers or the birthday of their child e.g. (oké a cliché but hey that makes it less shallow already).

Film Facts:

Title: Angel Has Fallen
Genre: Action / Thriller
Director: Ric Roman Waugh
Screenwriters: Robert Mark Kamen / Matt Cook / Ric Roman Waugh
Country: United States of America
Filming Locations:
– Berkshire, England, United Kingdom
– Upper Heyford, Bicester, United Kingdom
– Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America
– New York City, New York, United States of America
– Sofia, Bulgaria
– Rushmoor Arena, Aldershot
Language spoken:
Release Date: 21 August 2019 (UK)
Time: 121 minutes
Production Companies:
– Millennium Films (as Millennium Media)
– Campbell Grobman Films (as CB Films) / Cinesite / Eclectic Pictures
IMDb rating: 6,4 / 10
Rating: 8 / 10 stars

Top 25 Cast:

  1. Gerard Butler / Mike Banning
  2. Frederick Schmidt / Travis Cole
  3. Danny Huston / Wade Jennings
  4. Rocci Williams / Bruno
  5. Piper Perabo / Leah Banning
  6. Harry Ditson / Neurologist
  7. Linda John-Pierre / Receptionist
  8. Lance Reddick / Secret Service Director David Gentry
  9. Ori Pfeffer / Agent Murphy
  10. Morgan Freeman / President Trumbull
  11. Jasmine Hyde / CNN Reporter
  12. Ian Porter / Fox Reporter
  13. Laurel Lefkow / MSNBC Reporter
  14. Michael Landes / Sam Wilcox
  15. Mark Arnold / James Haskell
  16. Kerry Shale / Ad. Paul Sebring
  17. Tim Blake Nelson / Vice President Kirby
  18. John Strong / United States Senator
  19. Mark Basnight / Senator
  20. Jessica Cobley / Lynne Banning
  21. Maisie Cobley / Lynne Banning
  22. James Grogan / Secret Service Agent 1
  23. Stuart McQuarrrie / Doctor Siebertz
  24. Katya Bakat / Dr. Cara
  25. Jada Pinkett Smith / Agent Thompson

Where to watch?
The film is now for streaming on Netflix.
The film is now for rent on Pathé, Google Play and Apple.

I hope you like the film too. It is worth to watch it! I am not telling about the story too much, you have to watch the film yourself and make your own opinion.

Enjoy watching!

Loves from Sophie