Apple iPhone 7

You have probably heard of it, and if you have not this year, you probably unconsciously knew that at least every two years Apple comes up with a new iPhone.

This is already the seventh version! And it is…

  • …the first water resistent iPhone!
  • …has a six elements existing camera! – kind of micro optical zoom –
  • …has a stereo speaker! – no headphone plugin spot anymore –
  • …and whoohoo for the gamers of all time: Mario is coming back and will be available in the App Store!

Question of this blog post: Do you have an Apple iPhone? Or other device from Apple?

Do I need to say more? Just take a look at the little video

Official YouTube description:

Published on 7 Sep 2016
With new camera systems, stereo speakers, and the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus make the things you do most even better. Two new finishes highlight the seamless design.
Apple iPhone 7 Facts

The iPhone 7 has…

  • More colors to choose from: ‘new black’ and ‘jet black’
  • A new home button with a fingerprint sensor.
  • Is water resistant –> but be aware! Resistancy may decrease over time due by normal usage according to .1 in the fact declarations of Apple.
  • A 7MP FaceTime HD camera (front)! And a 12MP camera on the back.
  • A built-in microphone at the lightning connector
  • Stereo speakers next to the lightning connector.

The other specifications that are mostly a little upgrade on the previous versions can be found here: Apple iPhone 7 Specs

The Apple presentation

If you got excited about Apple, and want to know more about the whole presentation of Apple this 7th september…

This is the long 2 hours fulfilling video where évery new expect, fact and so on is mentioned or announced.

Published on 8 Sep 2016

Apple Special Event. September 7, 2016. Take a look at our latest announcements. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Apple Watch Series 2. AirPods.


inter alia
  • Apple Music Festival 10th Anniversary – 18th september 2016 in London!
    • Elton John
    • One Republic
    • Robbie Williams
    • Britney Spears
  •  Education:
    • … he is talking about programming with Swift – everyone can code!
    • … developers first develop in IOS and thán code to oher platforms – lot of work –
    • … creative translation of the Mario game
    • … real-time collaboration in iWork with the Apple devices
  • New products:
    • Apple iWatch 2 with the 2nd gen SiP (second generation System in a Package)
    • Apple iPhone 7 with IOS 10 – new features and biggest release ever since.
    • Apple AirPod with contact sensor, wireless with a 24 hours batterylife until charge.
    • New BeatX earphones line.
    • Apple Pay – with Felica technology Apple Pay in Japan will start in october.
    • iPhone Upgrade Programme – only available in the USA, the UK and China
    • IOS 10 will be available on September 13,
  • Sia is giving the end performance!


Enjoy watching the videos!

Greetings by Sophie

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