Arrow | Season Two

My series review of “Arrow | Season Two” a creation by Berlanti Productions, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television .

Title:  Arrow | Season Two
Genre: Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi
Creators / Screenwriters: Greg Berlanti / Andrew Kreisberg / Mark Guggenheim
Writer (book):  Comic books: Morton Weisinger and George Papp. Appeared first in ‘More Fun Comics #73’ in November 1941.
Country: USA
Language spoken: English / Spanish / Chinese
Release Date: 5 January 2014
Time: ~ 42 minutes every episode
Production Companies: Berlanti Productions, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television
IMDb rating: 8,1 / 10
Rating:  9, 8 / 10

This is definitely my favourite action and adventure series!

I hope you like the series too. It is worth to watch it! I am not telling too  much about the story – never do in my reviews – you have to see the series yourself and make your own opinion. 

In my view…

A bit more than a year ago I started watching this series. My review about the first season can be found here –> Arrow | Season One.

This season has even more action than the first one and he sets his name: ‘The Arrow’. What is the main thread of the story is that his name will be revealed to a few people. He makes more enemies but also some unexpected friends. And my favorite part has started in this series: the expanding of the technology and the way how The Arrow and his team uses it. The choreography of the battles and making use of the scenes is really thought through.

If you liked the first season of Arrow, you will probably like this season even more. The story goes on where the first season ends. And it changes a little bit into a story where Arrow shifts his focus of getting of the island and the list, on to someone else. Nearly a something else. It is still about conspiracy and the big role the mother of Oliver Queen plays which is quite the opposite of the role of his sister Thea Queen who knows nothing about her brothers’ secret second identity.

The main characters

In the review of Arrow | Season One, I have written about the main characters Oliver Queen, his mother Moira, his sister Thea and his friends.

In this series a new character is Roy Harper. A guy who has an enormous strength and seems to loose himself in anger. And the new major Sebastian Blood seems like a good person. Seems like because The Arrow is confused about him. Also the double life of The Arrow, Oliver by day and The Arrow by night, takes its toll. Some enemies get the benefit for it. A criminal from detective Lance’s (father of Laurel Lance) past escapes from prison and is a new enemy. Another enemy…or friend…who goes by the name of The Canary comes to town. Does The Arrow recognize her? And what has her past to do with his?

Halfway through this season the story starts to change a bit, focussing on a new enemy. The League of Assassins with the ‘Heir to the Demon’ or ‘Demon’s Daughter’ named Nyssa. Who is she? And what has she to do with Starling City or it’s inhabitants?

My rating this time is a 9,8 / 10 and it is not a 10 because it still has a little bit of a loose end and without all the action in the series episodes, you would think that it takes a rather long time to reveal some parts of the secrets of the big conspiracy. And all those flashbacks still happens but I guess that is just a characteristic of the series. It all started with…and it will always refer back to…the island and what Oliver Queen has gone through over there.

First episode of season two

Oliver Queen has disappeared again. The Hood, has disappeared again. Oliver went back to the island to rethink about all what happened in the first season. To rethink about who he is, who he wants to be and what he can be. A main thread through the series is that is said that The Arrow can not be Oliver Queen at the same time nor in the same period of time. But his former guard John Diggle, who is now his ally in being The Arrow, and Felicity Smoak travel to the island to get Oliver return as The Arrow to save Starling City again.

The first episode of this second season had it’s première on 5 January 2014. Nearly a year after the first episode of season one (3 February 2013). The 23rd and last episode of this season was on 1 June 2014.

The overview of the episodes
  • Episode 1 ‘City of Heroes’
  • Episode 2 ‘Identity’
  • Episode 3 ‘Broken Dolls’
  • Episode 4 ‘Crucible’
  • Episode 5 ‘League of Assasins’
  • Episode 6 ‘Keep Your Enemies Closer’
  • Episode 7 ‘State v. Queen’
  • Episode 8 ‘The Scientist’
  • Episode 9 ‘Three Ghosts’
  • Episode 10 ‘Blast Radius’
  • Episode 11 ‘Blind Spot’
  • Episode 12 ‘Tremors’
  • Episode 13 ‘Heir to the Demon’
  • Episode 14 ‘Time of Death’
  • Episode 15 ‘The Promise’
  • Episode 16 ‘Suicide Squad’
  • Episode 17 ‘Birds of Prey’
  • Episode 18 ‘Deathstroke’
  • Episode 19 ‘The Man Under the Hood’
  • Episode 20 ‘Seeing Red’
  • Episode 21 ‘City of Blood’
  • Episode 22 ‘Streets of Fire’
  • Epidose 23 ‘Unthinkable’

Enjoy watching this season!

Greetings by Sophie

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