August 2017 | Life of an IT student

Hello readers!

At the beginning of August I was still on holiday and after holiday I started quickly with preparations for my internship in September.

Part of the preparation is to improve my home as well. In short I can say: I have bought some lovely plants for my home and made some plans for the winter project: a new kitchen cabinet – a combination bought or selfmade – so I can storage everything properly.

The month of August was apart from the holiday and the preparation quite an inbetween month. Spending time with my family, enjoying a normal day of rest and the sunshine and that kind of stuff. I have also been to Maastricht and the McArthurGlen Designer Fashion Outlet in Roermond. Traveled by car and by train and now and then I love to travel by train because you don’t have to do a thing and can enjoy the views of the landscape. In those inbetween two weeks I photographed not a lot, but captured a few things:

A day in Maastricht shopping and eating tapas accompanied with an ice coffee in a sunset.

Preparing the new year in the library of Rotterdam. And at the end of the day, around eight o’clock I had this stunning view from the fourth floor. The different architecture of Rotterdam, the teal blue color and the clouds with their figures. Just enjoy those moments.

How do you prepare for your weeks after the summer holiday?

Greetings by Sophie

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