Ballet Shoes (2007)

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In my view…

An eccentric explorer travels the world. One day he was the closest to a family that was left for a girl named Sylvia and she became his foster child. He traveled the world again and Nana took care of  Sylvia until she was a young-adult. The eccentric explorer, also known as the great uncle Matthew, came home with a young orphaned girl. And after een few years he brought another young girl home and another. Until there were three orphaned girls in his big house together with Sylvia and Nana. One by one he brings those orphan girls home and they become sisters. The oldest is named Pauline Fossil, the middlest is named Petrova Fossil and the youngest is named Posy Fossil. When the great uncle Mathew brought Posy home, he also had send a pair of ballet shoes and later on every girl gets her own necklace from the uncle. They all try to attend in a theater piece about ‘Alice in Wonderland’

The story is written in a nice way. Just in a normal pace and it is a really good film to watch on a weekday evening and just led the film guide your thoughts to a different time. Ballet Shoes is about the life of those three girls in entertaining London in the 1930s.


The role of Pauline is wonderfully played by Emma Watson. But this is a different kind of role than the films we know her for. Being the eldest sister – except for Sylvia – and becoming a young teenage lady who loves acting but also knows the difficulties of having not much and what matters most is family. This is the challenge of the film, that family matters most and support is a need and desire we all possess. And even when you not have much, when you have goals and desires, follow your heart and try. Who does not try with the creative possibilities that exists, who does not know what the result might have been. Because “Dreams do come true”.


I am not telling too much about the story – never do in my film reviews – you have to see the film yourself and make your own opinion. I hope you like the film too. It is worth to watch it multiple times.

Enjoy watching!

Greetings by Sophie

Film Facts:

Title: Ballet Shoes
Genre: Drama / Family
Director: Sandra Goldbacher
Writer (book): Noel Streatfield
Screenwriter: Heidi Thomas
Country: United Kingdom
Language spoken: English
Release Date: 26 december 2007
Time: 85 minutes
Production Companies: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Granada Television
IMDb rating: 6,8 / 10 stars
Rating: 8 / 10 stars


Top 25 Cast:
  1. Emilia Fox / Sylvia Brown
  2. Victoria Wood / Nana
  3. Emma Watson / Pauline Fossil
  4. Yasmin Page / Petrova Fossil
  5. Lucy Boynton / Posy Fossil
  6. Richard Griffiths / Great Uncle Matthew
  7. Marc Warren / Mr. Simpson
  8. Lucy Cohu / Theo Dane
  9. Gemma Jones / Dr. Jakes
  10. Harriet Walker / Dr. Smith
  11. Eileen Atkins / Madame Fidolia
  12. Heather Nicol / Winifred Bagnall
  13. Mary Stockley / Miss Jay
  14. Teresa Churcher / Clara
  15. Skye Bennett / young Sylvia
  16. Peter Bowles / Sir Donals Houghton
  17. Don Gallagher / Mr. French
  18. Adrian Lester / Mr. Sholsky
  19. Tim Wallers / Mr. Montague
  20. Gresby Nash / Leopold Neville
  21. Ebe Sievwright / Valentin Manoff
  22. Emma Darwall-Smith / Titania (as Emma Darwall-Smith)
  23. Jack Thorpe-Baker / Featured Dance (as Jack Thorpe-Baker)
  24. Ruth Brill / Featured Dancer
  25. Natasha Mould / Featured Dancer


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