Beastly (2011)

Beastly (2011)  a film of drama, magical fantasy and romance
Beastly (2011) a film of drama, magical fantasy and romance Poster copyright:

In my view…
The film ‘Beastly’ is a fantasy film – reminds you of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ – in a modern suit. Yes, really a suited up version. ‘Beauty and the Beast’ has its own fantasy classic charms and ‘Beastly’ has its own more reality-linked charms. The films are both charm and charming as well.
You would think that when I mention ‘Beauty and the Beast’ there are those little magical surroundings in ‘Beastly’ too. But they are not. In this film the charms is in and comes from the characters of the story. Only they are magical or special in some other way.

The main character is a spoiled brat, in the way of being rich. But his father never really sees him as a son to mentally care about. Kyle – the name of the main character – and his father are quite the same. They have both a great selfishness and they rarely hide that. Brag about it. But suddenly one day when the selfishness of Kyle reaches the top, magic comes around.
Magic in a story does not just solve a problem, it teaches you a lesson how to prevent / cope / solve the problem. It lets you understand the fault you have made. So beautiful this message is told and taught in the film! A blind man comes around. A woman who is far away from her most beloved children, due to circumstances and not by will. And, as you all expect: the beast is not without the surrounding of a special ‘Beauty Belle’. Her name is Lindy. In my opinion the names used in the film do not seem classic, which is kind of a statement to make a real difference from classical thinking of ‘Beauty and the Beast’. The name Lindy – a variation of Linda – means ‘pretty’ in Spanish. So instead of the classic French ‘Belle’ and English ‘Beauty’, they go for a new language and a modern version by using a variation

It is a film that teaches you a lesson to care about the people around you who care about you. And not being too selfish – unless it is for protection – but being more positive and see those things around you.

I am not telling about the story – never do in my film reviews – you have to see the film yourself and make your own opinion. I hope you like the film too. It is worth to watch it multiple times.

Film facts:

Title: Beastly
Genre: Drama / Fantasy / Romance
Director: Daniel Barnz
Writer (book): Alex Flinn
Screenwriter: Daniel Barnz
Country: USA
Language spoken: English
Release Date: 4 March 2011
Release in NL: 16 June 2011
Time: 86
Production Companies: CBS Films / Mel’s Cite du Cinema / Storefront Films
IMDb rating: 5,6
Rating: 7 *******

Top 22 Cast:

  1. Alex Pettyfer / Kyle
  2. Justin Bradley / student
  3. Mary-Kate Olsen / Kendra
  4. Dakota Johnson / Sloan
  5. Erik Knudsen / Trey
  6. Vanessa Hudgens / Lindy
  7. Karl Graboshas / male teacher
  8. Peter Krause / Rob
  9. LisaGay Hamilton / Zola
  10. Jonathan Dubsky / student at Green Party
  11. David Francis / Dr. Davis
  12. Neil Patrick Harris / Will
  13. Rhiannon Moller-Trotter / Halloween Partygoer
  14. Steve Godin / junkie
  15. Gio Perez / Victor
  16. Roc LaFortune / Lindy’s Father
  17. Miguel Mendoza / Victor’s Brother
  18. Julie Dretzin / Rob’s Assistant
  19. Mia Doran / student
  20. Christina Franco / shopper #1
  21. Nikki Haggart / student
  22. Lydia Moore / female junkie

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  1. Hello Sophie,

    It’s a nice review.
    I also love films and write short reviews every now and then on my blog.
    It’s nice to see that like me you also pay attention to nuances like names of characters. I heard the words lindo/linda from my european friends online 🙂

    Your name Sophie is also beautiful. One of the most beautiful names I feel 🙂
    Greek goddess of wisdom.

    You are also sharing your wisdom. 🙂

    I am following your blog now.

    Anand 🙂

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