Blog News #1

Welcome to the first blog news blog post in the new series on Sophie’s Blog!

In this blog post a recap of all recent published blog posts.
And the second part of the blog news is about a weekly theme and some nice social posts I stumbled upon surrounding this theme. The socials are Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. Theme of the week: ‘Do It Yourself’.

Blogs published

Theme: Do It Yourself

I chose this theme for this week because now all over the world most people are at home for a longer period more than ever before. So with these social posts I stumbled upon you can make staying at home useful or joyful. The goal is not to get bored and have a bit of fun.

In this Instagram video by Blossom you see several hacks of what you can do with empty bottles or make from an empty shoebox an organizer or a more precise cleaning sponge. Do you already know one of these hacks?

In these pins from Pinterest you can fix or update your clothes or you can redo your shoelaces, making a figure that is more creative. E.g. your sports shoes if you have to workout at home. It will bring an extra smile before you start with the workout.

If you like to be outside or want more green inside your house or around the terrace, this twee gives an idea of what you can do. There is a YouTube video included in the. Use some (sailor) ropes or special cords for macramé and you can create anything you want as long as you tie the knots. Haha what an imaginary description.

YouTube Link too:

In this YouTube video, also from Blossom, there are 15 hacks that are quite useful and make use of everyday products.

Next Issue:

Blog News #2 will be published on Sunday 10:00 Rotterdam time.
It will have: a book review, a series review and a film review. And as some extra’s it will have: an updated portfolio and the rest is a surprise.

Hope you have a lovely creative day!

Loves from Sophie

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