Blog Policy

Hi readers,

To make things clear about my blog here is my ‘Blog Policy’.  On my blog I write besides my interest about things that happen in the world, reviews. Below is also a ‘Review Policy’ so you know how I review books / films / music / series.


I am accepting book copies to review!

I accept definitely the following sort of prints:
– hardcover / paperback / dwarsligger /
– ebook: Adobe DRM / Kobo / Kindle (not prefer but possible)
– document: PDF 

Fill in the short Contact Form or email me at:

These are the genres I read:

  • Biographies & Memoirs
  • Children’s Fiction
  • Children’s Nonfiction
  • Entertainment
  • General Fiction
  • History
  • Mystery & Thrillers
  • New Adult
  • Nonfiction
  • Romance
  • Sci Fi & Fantasy
  • Sports
  • Teens & Young Adult
  • Women’s Fiction

Blog Policy – the facts

  • Every blog post written on this blog is written by myself, unless it is mentioned otherwise or is shown as ‘reblogged’.
  • I write my blog post because I am interested in those subjects. The reasons why you mostly find in the blog post itself.
  • If I am asked to write a blog post about a subject – and I like the subject and find it suitable for my blog – I mention it clearly as ‘I am asked by…’
  • If I am advised to write a blog post about a subject – and I like the subject and find it suitable for my blog and do research and do it in my own planning time – I mention it as ‘I am advised by…’


The easiest way…

You can always ask by Contact Me or social media (mention your email for response) if I am interested in a subject. If I am, I am willing to write a blog post about it.
If you ask me to write about something, this is a guarantee that you get a response to why or why not. This is no guarantee that there will be a blog post about it, for example when the response is a why not. But there is a chance and definitely a response.

The best way…

But there is a clear difference between mention because someone asked, and slightly mention because it is not asked but advised. If you give me an advice to take a look at… and I really really like the subject and it maybe works as inspiration for my blog at that right moment…

…Then I don’t have to mention you as ‘being asked by’ because it was me surfing on the internet and me who got interested and me who decided to follow the advice and search for more information. I can you just mention you as ‘I got an advise from … to look into this subject’.
Giving an advice is no guarantee of a blog post nor guarantee of a response to why or why not. But if I do write a blog post I let the adviser know at the moment I am finished writing the blog post.

Review Policy – the facts
  • I review for fun
  • I do accept reviewcopies
    • Send an email for my mailing address to
    • Ebook: send an email to
      • Mention if it is Kobo / Kindle / PDF
  • If I accept to review something I give a response to the email and there will be a review! The review has then the first priority!
  • I read and watch in Dutch and English
  • My rating opinion in stars – the why – is mentioned below! Take this into account.
  • For examples see one of my book / film / series / music reviews
  • See again the paragraph ‘Shortly’ –> ask for a review (gives the review priority) or advice for a review (no priority, just when my list is done and I need new inspiration…)

I have read more books than I have reviewed and I am mostly reviewing the most recently books I have read. When it is a series, I like to start with the first book and I like to review every other book in order.

My rating opinion in stars:

Example for books:

The same method is used for the films and series, but then the *5 is 9/10, the *4 is 7/8 and so on…I make a clear difference why it has a certain score. I compare my score to the ones on IMDb. It differs sometimes, but it is just a matter of taste.

***** (5) = my favourite(s) / (want to) have definitely a copy / read more than once (or tip for doing it) / tell about it, write about it -blog- / just written in the style and story I like the most.

**** (4) = really good book / (want to) have a copy / tip it / (maybe) tell about it, write about it -blog-

*** (3) = just a good book / average / good but not exciting or my favourite style (see 5*)

** (2) = thought it would be more my style

* (1) = seems like not being a book for me

And why is in my opinion a one-star or two-starred book not a bad book?
Because there are no bad books published, I am just a different person who likes a different book than what the author wrote. So that makes it, it seems like it is not being book suited for me, not a bad book but it fits probably better to another person.

Thanks for reading my blogpolicy!

Greetings by Sophie