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Sophie’s Blog exists five years and it is time for a new blog structure. Back in 2016 and last year at the beginning of 2019, I introduced a new blogstructure.

Changing blog focus

Since March 2020
The focus of Sophie’s Blog has since Sophie’s Blog 5th Anniversary zoomed in on books, films and series. With the note that this blog is not excluding nor minoring the other interests and topics. The focus on these three interests as main topics, came about through experience of the past five years. With the three interests namely books, films and series it is kind of three-niched. But some books turn into films or series, or even both. And vice versa.

This blog is not a niche and the focus zoom in does not exclude the other interests I am curious for. My interests in different topics are countless and greater than a single niche. On Sophie’s Blog Instagram the focus is also on the three main interests. But last year I created already Sophie’s Tech Instagram as an addition to the blog and the main Instagram. Sophie’s Tech Instagram is focussing on techfacts, code, quotes, gadgets and so on.

Although the Instagrams both have their own focus, on Sophie’s Blog everything comes together. And I am growing skills as a developer and techie so these interests are growing with me and with the blog. I hope and challenge myself to share more and more of those other interests with you. More explanation can be read below in the ‘Motivation’ section.

Structure 2020+

Since March 2020
The blog structure of 2020+ is smaller and, by the introduction of the ‘Blog News’ mentioned in the post ‘Sophie’s Blog 5th Anniversary‘, a clearer overview.

  • Monday #Book review
  • Wednesday #Series review
  • Friday #Film review
  • Sunday #Blog News

The other days is a surprise what I will post.

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

It could be topics related to e.g.:

  • #Animals
  • #Art
  • #Culture
  • #Events
  • #Healthy
  • #Interesting Ten
  • #Lifestyle
  • #Music
  • #Social Media
  • #Sports
  • #Technology
  • #Top Five Today
  • #Travel
  • #YouTube

What surprise topics are you most looking forward to?
Please leave your answer in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


Since March 2020
Through the experience of the past five year I have learnt that I do not want to limit Sophie’s Blog to a niche. I tried it a couple of times but my interests in different topics are countless and are greater than a single niche. So being a niche does not fit my personality nor the blog.

Sophie’s Blog was started by the willingness to share experiences and facts, sometimes small researches, of a multitude of interests. And sharing my enthusiasm for something. Maybe it is something you would like to read, watch, discover, experience or do too. Maybe you have (partly) the same interests. I hope I can inspire you a little with the blogs I write on Sophie’s Blog.

The last but not least important motivation to adjust the blog structure this time, is the timemanagement experience through the years. Reading a book, watching a film or an series episode has proven to be an interest that is quite consistently and relatively easy to combine with everyday life.

Everyday life that consists of studying, what is getting more challenging towards the final challenges in achieving the Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. And every now and then, everyday life consists of a social life with family and friends too. Like weekends and sometimes an evening or a day off.

What do you think of the new blog structure?
Please leave your answer in the comment below

I hope you look forward to the first Blog New’s this upcoming Sunday too.
Stay healthy and a happy day!

Loves from Sophie

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