Blog structure for 2016

The renewed blog structure for 2016

I started with this blog in april of this year and I have tried several structures and adapted them up to the current structure.
With this structure I want to try to work with it the full upcoming year.

The why…

But why not start now…when you as a blogger or writer find the structure that fits you best – in inspiration, division of the blog post and a bit of knowing when you probably finish something to write about….I start from now on.

The explanation of my structure

  • Monday – Book review
  • Tuesday – Category post / YouTube video / Pinterest post / Recipe post
  • Wednesday – Series review
  • Thursday – Category post / YouTube video / Pinterest post / Recipe post
  • Friday – Film review

As you see I am during the weekend free of blogging, well I can always decide to write some extra blog posts. For example Boxing Day is this saturday so I will write a post related to Christmas.

Every post I write from now on, related to this structure is accompanied by a featured image for the post. This will change the header of my website temporarily.

Note: it works for me and maybe for you too, but most important have a structure that fits you most. Maybe my structure gives you some inspiration. And for all readers: you know what category mostly to expect on which day.

I hope you enjoy my new structure and may it be inspiring to you too!

Greetings by Sophie

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