Blogging 101: Overview of Week Two!

The overview of week two of Blogging 101 and my experience.

The task of day six:
My ‘About Page’ was first just a short description in facts about me. Now I have a added a little introduction.
You can find my ‘About Me’ page here –> Sophie’s Web | About Me

The task of day seven:
The header I kept the same because it is integrated in my social media layouts too. My header though is sub from the title. The title is the main thing and more like a repoussoir in front of the header. At some post I added a custom header as well to make a category more clear. I made a little change with the widgets, more Instagram photo’s can be shown and in a 3×3 Instagram layout as we are used to on our devices.
You can take a look at my homepage here –> Sophie’s Web | Home

The task of day eight:
The task of day eight was to leave some comments, I comment not too often but when I really like something or inspiring or anything I comment. If I just like something I just give it a ‘Like’ in the WordPress reader.
I commented on:

The task of day nine:
Instead of writing a blogpost about one of my comments I wrote (listed up here), I reblogged a blogpost. The 13 Day Metabolism Diet inspires me. Not just to lose weight, but a little two week try of eating enough healthy food so this as an at least.

The task of day ten:
On my blog I have not listed a blogroll of the blogs I follow or the posts I like. These are so different and there are so many that I find it fair that a visitor of your blog just choose it’s own journey to the next blog.

So this has been my overview of my past week.

Enjoy reading!

Greetings by Sophie

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