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The Zòngzi recipe

Today it is the 5th of the 5th month in the Chinese lunar calendar. This means that today for all Chinese is a special day of celebration. The day of the Dragon Boat Festival that is one of China's cultural highlights. History This festival exists already for more than 2000 years and with this celebration… Continue reading The Zòngzi recipe

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Recipe – Hot White Chocolate

The 'Hot White Chocolate with Cinnamon and Marshmallow Foam' is created by the famous Matt Preston in the television series of Masterchef Australia. What I really love on a cold winters' day is a hot chocolate. Whether it is a white chocolate - which is not official chocolate - or milk chocolate or pure chocolate, I… Continue reading Recipe – Hot White Chocolate

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Fruit juice | Strawberry – Mango – Orange

The juice of this week This evening I made a healthy fruit juice. I sliced one fresh mango with 250 gr of strawberries and added 300 ml of orange juice. Blend it all together and you got this fruit juice. The why... At the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Rotterdam) I follow an extra… Continue reading Fruit juice | Strawberry – Mango – Orange

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Fusilli salad chicken pesto

This is the result of mixing lovely ingredients into a new 'Fusilli salad chicken pesto' recipe. Enjoy cooking!

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The Easter Dinner Recipe of 2015

[EN – NL below read more tag] For Easter dinner this year, I have compiled the following from several small recipes: [gr = grams] [st = pieces] [el = tablespoon] The appetizer consists of: - Raw beetroot [500g] - Leaf parsley [10 sts] - lemon juice - olive oil - Sea salt & pepper -… Continue reading The Easter Dinner Recipe of 2015

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A small appetizer for an Indian dish. Or for an after eight moment, what was in my case. I used a recipe of Thomas Feller and Maya Barakat-Nuq. It was a sunny tuesday and I was on my way to my hometown. And got a spontanuous thought: let's make an appetizer today! So I looked… Continue reading Mangochutney