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My gadget review of product ‘Cenawin Laptop Stand’

In my view

When the umpteenth lockdown of 2020 was ahead, and I just started with a new fulltime job, I needed soon a laptop stand. Classic winterscrolling on Amazon during a late night, my friend stumbled upon this laptop stand and ordered on. Soon I got also a chance to test it as well – during the weekend – and ordered one too. This is my first gadget blog post on Sophie’s Creative so let’s start with an easy, affordable and solid item which everyone can use.

There is no need anymore to put your laptop on a pile of books – poor books. No need anymore to put it on a couple of cardboard boxes from other packages etcetera. Beside that it is more healthy for your laptop – read: heat circulation therefor cooling the battery and all stuff inside.

The Cenawin Laptop Stand
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The gadget is dark aluminium spreyed grey with accents in black. The spots where your laptop or tablet is supported by the stand are covered in soft rubber. And you can fold it into a little package. It has the length of an A4, a bit less so it would probably fit in your bag beside your laptop. It is also delivered with a cover/pouch in which you can safely store the laptop stand without the chance of incidently making scratches on your items when traveling.


This gadget is aluminium made, feels light and solid and is adjustable in many heights so you can adjust it for every type of gadget. For example: I use it for my laptops, a tablet and now and then even just a magazine because that magazine is relevant and otherwise swinging around the desk during the weekend.

The gadget is exactly fit for what is tells you it is suitable for. A solid stand for your laptop, tablet or just a magazine. A small remark is that the little paws that support the end of your laptop are not big enough for older big laptops. I tested it with a 17 inch laptop, at least 2-2,5cm thickness and that was too much for the item. Also weighing too much (+3kg). I recommend that your laptop is not heavier than 2 to2,5 kg. But all in all it is an ideal gadget for your workspace, online meetings or kitchen table laptop sessions.


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Gadget Facts:

Name: Cenawin Laptop Stand
Year: 2020
Year version: Unknown
Brand: Cenawin
Startprice back then: €15,99
Rating: 7 / 10

The price of the item is currently 15,99 so below 50,- and in the category of small priced gadgets.

This blog is my own opinion and meant as inspiration. Not a warranty booklet or safety officer so no guarantee from this text. Just my own experience and opinion.

Enjoy using the gadget!

Loves from Sophie

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