Codecademy HQ Tour


Summer 2015 tour through the Headquarters of Codecademy. Thanks to TechCrunch!

Codecademy, the amazing platform where you can learn practically how to code! Ideal for my study Computer Science. Here a little piece of Codecademy behind the scenes. I have written about Codecademy before and this will not be the last post about it. But just take a look about this behind the web (scenes is for television series and films, behind the web sounds better for the category of websites haha).

A tour by Zach Simons (Co-founder and CEO). I would love to see such a headquarters one day. This HQ is located in Manhattan, New York City.  Funny fact: see those race bikes at the wall! The Codecademy HQ isn’t just an office. You can work-out, put your stuff in one of the lockers, fresh-up by taking a shower and of course: also do your normal job!

Plusses of a HQ such like this one: as an employee you don’t need travel to the gym after work, you can do a workout during your long-lasting lunchtime. Afterwards shower and have a healthy lunch and go back to work again. Coding in the 21st century.

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For which HQ of a company are you curious? Which one would you like to visit?

Greetings by Sophie

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