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There are a few ways how to learn to program. Or at least how to learn the basics of programming. One of these methods besides reading the books about a programming language, is learning how to use codes by Codecademy. A free learning tool online.

Do you know Codecademy?

What is Codecademy? What can you learn at Codecademy?…

“Codecademy is an education company. But not one in the way you might think. We’re committed to building the best learning experience inside and out, making Codecademy the best place for our team to learn, teach, and create the online learning experience of the future.” source here

The courses are free which is a really good thing. They are not the kind of company that wants to make a profit directly earned by the user. They have their own investors (now in 2015):

Collaborative | Founder Collective | KPCB (Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers | O’Reilly | SVAngel | Thrive Capital | Union Square Ventures and Index Ventures.

O’Reilly is the publisher of my study book ‘Think Python’ too, written by Allen B. Downey.

Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski are the Co-founders of this company. And the staff of Codecademy have it’s own profiles too! Just like you (probably from now on…) and me! Besides developing some courses, they also developed a big team around them. The HeadQuarters is located in New York City at 49 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001. I have never been to New York so I don’t really understand the map with all its rectangles logic division. If you are nearby, I think make a visit – I would – or at least at itself. And it is located near the National Museum of Mathematics too!

At Codecademy you can follow many courses. For example I completed the course ‘HTML & CSS’ and I am now learning the programming language ‘Python’.  You can learn the six programming languages and their API’s:

  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
    • Apigee API
    • Mandrill API
    • SoundCloud API
    • YouTube API
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • Python
    • Dwolla API
    • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) API
    • NPR API
    • WePay API
  • Ruby
    • Box API
    • Evernote API
    • OAuth2 with GitHub API
    • SendGrid API
    • Twitter API
    • WePay API

And some Web Developer Skills such as:

Make a Website | Make a Website Projects (15 projects to test) | Make an Interactive Website | Learn Ruby on Rails | Learn AngularJS | Ruby on Rails: Authentication | Learn the Command Line | Learn SQL | Learn Java (preview) | Learn Git (preview)

I like learning these languages through Codecademy because in these courses they explain every step. Let you practice a lot and a recap exercise every now and then. If you don’t know the answer or if there is a little bug in the exercise – which can happen of course because we are all human – Codecademy has a forum too where people can discuss their codes. Ask for explanation and so on.

The beautiful thing if you just want a summary from the basics of the language you learned, Codecademy has made their own Glossaries too with examples included! So if you need a hint to solve an exercise, but you forgot the style of writing, take first a look at that and try again. If you really don’t know how to solve it, maybe the forum gives you the answer.

Good luck and lots of fun with programming on Codecademy!

The easiest way to learn to code.

Greetings by Sophie

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