Coding status update

Coding status update

The past few months I have learned to code a bit with the coding language named Python.  One of the oldest coding languages and very big. Broad in its functions and possibilities. During these three project weeks at the university, I had a look at different codes and the programs they were made with.

The program we used these months is PyCharm, invented by JetBrains. “A Python IDE for Professional Developers”. You got two editions to choose from: the Community Edition or the Educational Edition. I use both in fact, they have slight differences so I like to check my code in both or when I have to ‘debug’ it, do it in both. Maybe double work but as long as I solve the problem and do understand the mistake, it works.

This evening I tried for the first time to work with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. Another coding program that accepts different sorts of code. The program works quite different and maybe I have to get used to it.

With the project this semester at university we are making a game. The first project was about making a physical board game. This second and last project related to the Python Code, is making a game with the help of Pygame. We learn a lot! And it is difficult – otherwise we already knew – but that makes it also challenging. Next week or little game is done. Coded and all project groups give a presentation.

Maybe I write some blog posts about what I have learned about Python and using Turtle and Pygame. The things you can make – visually – and the code behind with it’s meaning.

What made me really happy was the discovery of the Snippets’ in the program. And I have only used the program now for half an hour. But Snippet writes already a bit of code for you, as long as you know what to choose, what it means, and what to change to implement your code. I am really enthusiastic and go on quickly coding. Practice makes perfect.

This was my short ‘Coding Status Update’

Do you code?

Greetings by Sophie

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