Combining Social Media

What a day full of social media and my blog.

To keep things clear about my own opinions and things related to my blog…I have now added besides the Facebook Page a blogrelated Twitter and a blogrelated Instagram.
But it was a tough journey to link everything right to each other so you don’t have to repost or share every blogpost multiple times. And to help you too optimizing your social media account together with your WordPresswebsite or Blog:

The way I did it:
in very short explanation, for long explanation leave a message and I will help you

  1. Make a Facebook Page related for your blog/website –> choose the right category, name, the URLname is very important!, interests related to the page, business information, profile picture, header and last but not least: a welcome!
  2. Make an Instagram account related for your blog/website: you can only do this by having a working email address ánd having a working mobile phone number for the activation of your account (beware: check if you can turn on Facebook Text Message (in Accounts -> settings -> notifications. This is a requirement))
    Post a nice picture or text (picture).
  4. Make a Twitter account related for your blog/website: there is also TweetDeck. This works in your browser but also apps are available. TweetDeck is the official ‘Hootsuite’ for Twitter to manage your personal account and your blog/website account and you can form a team with multiple Twitterers too by just adding them as contributor of the account – without sharing passwords so ideal for a ceo of a company – and you can start tweeting, follow people, making lists, follow #hashtags and trends tailored or non-tailored. This is genius! A few years ago this was not yet available.
  5. Let your WordPress posts share to your new Twitter and to the new Facebook Page (change your sharing settings, de-link and link again).
    • When you share a post on WordPress, add the custom message down the sharing tab part. Within 140 characters, as a short summary, it looks like a nice tweet!
  6. Let your Facebook statuses share on your Twitter – you don’t have to Tweet ánd make a Facebookstatus about a little thing. But keep in mind: Twitter accepts 140 characters and a Facebook status update accepts 420 characters. So keep it short. Otherwise it looks better to type twice.
  7. Let your Instagram photos share to you Twitter and your Facebook Page (you can select your personal Timeline or a page)

Good luck!

Greetings by Sophie

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