Common Cold

Winter starts next month and with the fluctuating temperatures, the common cold comes back into the picture. The common but annoying virus.

How to prevent – or not making worse – your common cold?

The internet is full of tips, tricks, medication and so on…but first you need to know how it – probably – works inside your body. Every person is different so I won’t say these tips works for all people.

The video:

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Source: The Doctors TV

Explanation of the video:

“The virus enters the cells – of probably your nose – and when that happens, your cells get infected. It affects temporary the DNA of your cells. Parts of the DNA of those cells are being activated to produce more protein that attacks the virus with help of the white blood cells.”

If you do catch the common cold, it is possible that you will feel a bit sick for a few days or a week or two. You recognize it is nearby or in your surroundings when people sneeze a lot or are really sniffly.

Because the common cold is a common virus; there are – how original – also some common tips! Lucky us!

The five tips and the explanation:

  1. Rest! Your body needs to heal and the quickest and healthiest way is just to take some rest!
  2. Stay hydrated! Drink enough water, juices or a cup of tea with honey. Honey helps solving congestion (medical term for accumulation of liquid). Alcohol and caffeinated drinks make dehydration worse. Juices or fresh fruit are a boost for your vitamine C, very important for your resistance!
  3. Warm liquids. It is a cold virus. Drinking often tea, or having soup for lunch or dinner
  4. Good hygiene! Wash your hands more often and don’t sneeze in your hands but for example in the corner of your elbow.
  5. No sore throat, sooth it! You can use best the method of gargling with salt water. Only a tip of a teaspoon salt dissolve in a glass of lukewarm water. Chewing on gum, eating a hard candy or a sore throat spray works as well.

What is your favorite tip to prevent the common cold?

Stay all healthy!

Greetings by Sophie

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