Delft in a short visit

Last friday I have been on a short trip to Delft, an old city nearby Rotterdam. College had finished early that day so I decided to travel a bit. Go out of town and do something cultural. I had not seen the new renovated/builded train station of Delft Centraal yet so this was a nice combination too.

The tour

This is the municipality of Delft located at the market square

When I arrived in Delft I walked from the central station to the city center. I loved walking again along the canals. Something you barely have in Rotterdam, but in cities I love too such as Gouda my hometown, you find those everywhere in the old town center.

When you do not use a GPS you can just follow the information signs along the roads or focus on one of the three churches Delft has in the city center. I focused on the Old Church and knew that Museum Prinsenhof Delft is located nearby that church. Quickly I discovered the museum – the entrance is not directly next to the road, follow the many other tourists – and started with the exhibition about ‘The Little Street back in Delft’ painted by Johannes Vermeer. The has also a big exhibition about Delftware – the famous blue pottery – and about our history of our kingdom of The Netherlands. Starting with Willem van Oranje and his progeny.

About the Little Street of Johannes Vermeer I will write another blog post.

After I had seen the three exhibitions, I walked through the city center and photographed the New Church of Delft, which hold our Royal forefathers – Kings and Queens. I have photographed too the municipality of Delft and this one I have posted on Instagram friday and is the photo you see at the beginning of this blog post. I finished my little trip with having a drink and eating ‘poffertjes’ – little pancakes – at The Golden ABC café on the market square. Lovely!

Have you ever been to Delft too?

Greetings by Sophie

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