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The series Dynasty is about two families in the United States who are very wealthy and have feuds about their fortunes. It is filmed from several points of view but the common thread through the story is seen by the main character Fallon Carrington. She has a brother Steven and they live together with their dad and a butler in a big manor.

How this series goes? Well, life happens. Sometimes I compare it a bit with the game ‘The Sims’ and how you can have lots of money by earning it fairly and playing for a long time, or using the cheat code and build a manor upfront yourself in your style. But it’s definitely not all sims. The psychological part of the story’s are a bit more complex.

Intrigues are taking place. Manipulations occur. The loyalty of a person towards family, friendship and businesses is constantly tested. It’s not that much about money itself, though it is spent without any caution. It is more about someone’s status – or the family’s status depending on the point of view. There is romance – including many types of romances and many types of drama. There are fights and there is the usual, you can imagine nearly daily, bickering.

There is rarely an episode without bicker and every few episodes there is quite a fight. Are they revengeful or is it just because they are short fuse. It is quite selfish and therefor it is for my watchlist such a different series. And way more fun to watch than real life soaps. This series is the ultimate exaggerated version of wealthy real life soaps with the good and the bad things happening in life.


If you take a close look at all the episode – 22 in total – you can spot now and then a tiny shot error. Look for the hair, a flower or the left or right start of a take when another take ended in the opposite or slightly off position.

Keep in mind that this series is a piece of fiction so it does not represent anyone or anything.


The main characters of this series is the Carrington family including Fallon, her dad Blake, her brother Steven and their chauffeur. Isn’t the chauffeur thing a bit of a classic story? Just as it is portrayed in the Downton Abbey series? Though over there it’s more friendly then over here. I mean…. it is so often portrayed like that, that for a series story like this it is not unexpected. Not new.

Important side characters of the series are: their mom named Alexis Carrington, their frenemies Jeff Colby and Monica Colb. They bring some challenges and stir things up.

Concluding viewing advise:

It is a series full of drama. In some way it gives you the feeling that it is easy to watch, but if you miss out on conversations than the story can appear totally different and the ‘who’d done it’, who is the victim or the mastermind etcetera can be quite a challenge. But it is a drama series that can also makes you laugh for most of the accidents, sharp bickering sentences etcetera. If you are not fond of intrigues, manipulations, loyalty testing, revenge, ambition and selfishness.

First Episode

The description of the first episode says the following:
“After coming to blows over business with Cristal, Fallon sets het sights on her father’s biggest rival.

Series Facts:

Title: Dynasty
Genre: Drama
Filming locations: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Language spoken: English / French / Spanish
Release Date: 12 October 2017
Time: 42 minutes
IMDb rating: 7,2 / 10
Rating: 7 / 10

I hope you like the series too. It is worth to watch it! I am not telling about the story too much, you have to watch the series yourself and make your own opinion.


  • Episode 1 ‘I Hardly Recognized You’
  • Episode 2 ‘Spit It Out’
  • Episode 3 ‘Guilt is for Insecure People’
  • Episode 4 ‘Private as a Circus’
  • Episode 5 ‘Company Slut’
  • Episode 6 ‘I Exist Only for Me’
  • Episode 7 ‘A Taste of Your Own Medicine’
  • Episode 8 ‘The Best Things in Life’
  • Episode 9 ‘Rotten Things’
  • Episode 10 ‘A Well-Dressed Tarantula’
  • Episode 11 ‘I Answer to No Man’
  • Episode 12 ‘Promises You Can’t Keep’
  • Episode 13 ‘Nothing But Trouble’
  • Episode 14 ‘The Gospel According to Blake Carrington’
  • Episode 15 ‘Our Turn Now’
  • Episode 16 ‘Poor Little Rich Girl’
  • Episode 17 ‘Enter Alexis’
  • Episode 18 ‘Don’t Con a Con Artist’
  • Episode 19 ‘Use or Be Used’
  • Episode 20 ‘A Line from the Past’
  • Episode 21 ‘Trashy Little Tramp’
  • Episode 22 ‘Dead Scratch’

Series cast:

  1. Elizabeth Gillies / Fallon Carrington
  2. Rafael de la Fuente / Sam Jones
  3. Robert Christopher Riley / Michael Culhane
  4. Sam Adegoke / Jeff Colby
  5. Grant Show / Blake Carrington
  6. Alan Dale / Joseph Anders
  7. Maddison Brown / Kirby Anders
  8. Adam Huber / Liam Ridley
  9. Daniella Alonso / Cristal Carrington
  10. Sam Underwood / Adam Carrington
  11. Michael Michele / Dominique Deveraux
  12. Elaine Hendrix / Alexis Carrington
  13. Wakeema Hollis / Monica Colby
  14. James Mackay / Steven Carrington
  15. Nathalie Kelley / Cristal Flores
  16. Ana Brenda Contreras / Cristal Jennings
  17. Nicollette Sheridan / Alexis Carrington
  18. Eliza Bennett / Amanda Carrington
  19. Geovanni Gopradi / Roberto Flores
  20. Brianna Brown / Claudia Blaisdel
  21. Jade Payton / Vanessa Deveraux
  22. Brent Antonello / Hank Sullivan
  23. Wil Traval / Father Caleb Collins
  24. Kara Royster / Eva
  25. Kelly Rutherford / Melissa Daniels

Enjoy watching!

Loves from Sophie

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