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Paris Eiffel tower shut down its lights

I am curious to your thoughts about the new feature of Facebook.
To have a temporary profile picture with the filter of a flag of a country over it.

What happened in France was terrible! And suddenly lots of Facebook profile pictures were turned into the same profile picture but than with a shade of the flag of France. For example, so you can show your solidarity/support by changing your profile picture?

Will we be changing our profile pictures in the world with this new filter feature, every time something happens?  I am curious for the response on that. I am not judging, not on how bad it is that something has happened. But the fact thát something happened and most people changed their profile picture, makes me curious. How would the future be? And the reactions in actions and on social media.

The Facebook post from ISFiT that inspired me for writing this post:

I am happy that acquaintances of mine who were nearby and in Paris, are safe. Thanks to Facebook for asking them and sharing the answer!

What is your opinion about that?

Greetings by Sophie

5 thoughts on “Facebook new profile filter

  1. I think it is a token and temporary gesture of support, very optional. I couldn’t get it to work but I wouldn’t have left it on for more than a few weeks or a month. Like the other commenter notes, we are very selective in our gestures. There is terrible tragedy all over the world. Hopefully we can do more than just show flag support.

  2. I’m not changing my profile picture. Not because I don’t care about what happened, but because I don’t feel like changing my picture would make any difference. I don’t feel like social media is the right platform to show your support to the people in Paris..

  3. I wonder that too. but they didn’t change their profile picture to the colors of Mali. I know it small compare to the Paris attacks but those people matter too. And after 1 week after the attack. The Media and the press still talk about Paris. I kinda feel like that they don’t want Paris to heal when they still with the same topic. But what happen to Mali? No sorrow? No changing profile? no #prayformali? People just left the most recent news because it not that important as Paris. Paris is the only place that received attention because it is known world wide. While Mali is an African country that I doubt that half of the people know that it even exists. I bet if people known a little better of geographic or hit the books or study a little harder or at least pay attention to their surrounding and not be ignorants. I bet Mali will receive the same blessing treatment like Paris. But sadly no, it can not be done.

    I hope i didn’t offend anyone with my opinion. If you want you can correct me with reasonable information. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Bonjour Belle / La Dove Love for your comment!
      Your example of the response to Mali is a good example!
      I think that it also has to do with that Paris is, geographically, a very West European city and you see how all far and close-by neighbours react.
      When the news is nearby or feels close, it is different than when it is far more away.
      You did not offend me, your comment remembered me of a post I have seen on Facebook, written by ISFiT (International Student Festival in Trondheim), the festival where students from all over the world come together and discuss a problem. They fight for peace among all students of the world. “The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow”.
      Again thanks for your comment!
      I have added the Facebook post that inspired me!

      Greetings by Sophie

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