February 2018 | Life of an IT Student

Hello readers,

Halfway March it is definitely time for an update about the previous month!

February was a month I felt more at ease with a rhythm of early mornings, a day at the internship and coming home when the evening started. During this month I got a nice result back of the semester project.

For the half of February were the Olympic Winter Games 2018, held in PyeongChang, South Korea. I have only seen a few games of the different sports because of the time difference and I have a busy schedule with working at a company as an internship and following classes meanwhile as well. So a lot of study. The next couple of months, until the end of June, will not be much different with the study time, effort and goals to achieve. Besides studying I love to travel now and then, going to a talk or experience something new. Go to events with friends and family and so on and so on…and blog about it!

So further on I have been to a tech talk about Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Mobility that was held in the Deloitte Tower in Rotterdam. An incredible view from Rotterdam to Hoek van Holland, Delft, The Hague, Zoetermeer and Gouda. The Tech talk

Do you recognise the building in these two photos? Some buildings are on both photo’s. One photo is taken from south to north and one is taken from north to south.

The weather in The Netherlands has also been quite changing. From sunny short days to cold rainy days and even now and then some snow or a couple of days freezing. Brrrr not used to it the last couple of years. The lowest temperature was on the last day of the month with -10,5 ℃ in the little place called Woensdrecht.

How has been your month of February?

Greetings by Sophie

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