February Update

Hi readers,

This is just a short february update blog post. And this blog post will be followed this evening by a series review because it is Wednesday! I have made a planning and prepared in scratch some blog posts because I don’t want to be too busy again not to come to  write on my blog. Too busy…well it is more having a writer’s block. It had all to do with study though. I have written earlier about the writer’s block in this blog post: Writer’s Block . The past three weeks I have been busy with the coding project named Pygame. And making some exams, giving a presentation and just (too) busy with life.

About Pygame I will write another blog post to tell you what it is, what you can do with it, related to my study and so on. Some recipes are coming up, I have finished reading two books meanwhile and learned a lot.

What have you all been through the past couple of days?

I hope you are looking forward to my upcoming blogposts too!

Greetings by Sophie

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