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Flikken Maastricht ‘Gestalkt’ [2008] Copyright image by Hebban.nl
My book review of “Gestalkt [NL] / Stalked [EN]” written by Claudia van der Sluis

In my view…

The third book of the thriller series around the famous cop television series called ‘Flikken Maastricht’. When you know the television series you have high expectations of those books. These books are written ‘based on the television series’ so they should entertain you quite in the same way.

But this post is just about one of the books of the series. This third sequel is about a girl who is the most famous girl of Maastricht. Suddenly her ex-boyfriend is murdered and the cops start with their investigation. Lots of people are involved as suspects. ‘The stalker’ was not very popular as a nice person any more. His mother is convinced that this most famous girl of Maastricht is the murderer. Evidences and a bit of luck will show the answer.

The writing style of the book is really nice. It looks like if the author Claudia van der Sluis has written some scripts for the television series as well. It is so equally! The book holds your attention and makes you curious. The different conspiracy theories. The reasons why you would think someone is the murderer and suddenly would think it’s someone else. The book lets you switch and switch but it is so nice! I prefer this kind of writing style. It is simple but also complex in just 189 pages. Not too much and not too little

But who are the main characters of the series?
There are two detectives named Floris Wolfs and Eva van Dongen. They are rarely dressed in a uniform. Wolfs  is always dressed up in a grey suit and Eva is always dressed in black pants and a black leather jacket. This duo is not on its own. They have a boss who is the chief of the police force and they are guided in their special force by two normal agents called Romeo and Marion.

I like that the characters are very different. Romeo is a very young cop and his companion Marion is a mother with an adult son. Eva is around the age of end twenty – begin thirty. And Wolfs is around 40 years old. Quite a difference but all together it looks like they are family. Brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles working together.

When you watch the series, this book is a very nice addition to read. When you do not watch the series, this book is a very nice thriller to read.

I am not telling about the story – never do in my book reviews – you have to read the book yourself and make your own opinion. I hope you like the book too. It is worth to read it!

Greetings by Sophie

Title: Gestalkt [NL] / Stalked [EN]
Author: Claudia van der Sluis
Genre: Thriller
ISBN: 9789061120483
NUR: 332
Publisher: Karakter Uitgevers BV
Year 1st edition & read edition: 2008
Year read: 2015
Original language: Dutch
Read language: Dutch
Pages: 189
Places: Amsterdam, Maastricht, Utrecht
Rating: 4/5
Filmed: –

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