Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix 2019 Race Highlights

The Austrian Grand Prix was a home race for the Red Bull Racing Formula One team. With the drivers Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly. Both young drivers and both talented. At YouTube the Formula 1 channel always uploads a race summary with the highlights of the raceday. I share this one because Max Verstappen has won again! It was an exciting race and lots of small things happening.

Red Bull Ring race circuit facts

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This race circuit – the Osterreichring – today known as the Red Bull Ring has only 10 curve spots and a total length of 4.318km . The race of this year lasted for 1:22:01:822 (1 hour, 22 minutes, 1 second, 822 milliseconds). The fastes lap this year was also achieved by Max Verstappen: in 1:07:475. He did not surpass the circuit record set by Kimi Räikönen in 2018 (in the image), but with an average of 230km/hr throughout the race Max Verstappen had the quickets lap, the highest average and won the race!

Austrian Grand Prix 2019 Race Highlights

The Formula One 2019 Austrian Grand Prix race highlights. Winner Max Verstappen.

My favorite highlight is that of lap 68 when Max Verstappen is trying to takeover Charles Leclerc. It is a nice fight that touches the edges and it goes on for a short while. Time in the video: 4:21 – 5:42.

Especially for this home race and the Dutch fans, Max Verstappen was wearing a yellow Jumbo helmet

What is your favourite highlight of the race mentioned in this video?

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