Formula 1 German Grand Prix 2019 Race Highlights

The German Grand Prix was a very weather impacted race. At YouTube the Formula 1 channel always uploads a race summary with the highlights of the raceday. I share this one because Max Verstappen has won again! It was an exciting race and lots of small things happening.

Hockenheimring race circuit facts

This race circuit is not much different than the Austrian Red Bull Ring circuit. Though there happened a lot. Next to curve 16 there is much rubber next to the road, a so called drag strip, but the cars with dry weather tires did not have any grip on in when the drives crossed the line a bit too much. A couple of crashes happened in that corner including Carlos Sainz, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Nico Hulkenberg and Valtteri Bottas. Some managed to re-enter the race if the engine was still running and if they had some grip.

German Grand Prix 2019 Race Highlights

The Formula One 2019 German Grand Prix race highlights. Winner Max Verstappen.

My favourite highlight is that of the win of Max Verstappen. There is not really a big take over manoeuvre during the last 15 laps but a lot is happening in the rest of the field. Time in the video: 6:48 – end.

What is your favourite highlight of the race mentioned in this video?

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