Fusilli salad chicken pesto

A home made pasta salad with just a few ingredients.
I love cooking for my family. Just on an ordinary day, trying a new recipe or combining ingredients and make a new recipe by myself. This is the result of mixing lovely ingredients into a new ‘Fusilli salad chicken pesto’ recipe. Enjoy cooking!

The quantities are approximate for 4 persons

  • fusilli – 400gr, multigrain or white but not whole wheat
  • chicken strips – a total of 400 gr
  • fresh basil leaves – 1/3 of a small plant > for the pesto
  • thick yoghurt or quark – 250ml > for the pesto
  • red sweet pointed pepper – one
  • parmezan cheese – shredded, a small bag of 150gr
  • chestnut champignon – 200gr
  • lemon juice – 20ml > for the pesto
  • cherry tomatoes – a small package > and yes I forgot to add them, it became a side vegetable.

Boil the fusilli for 10-12 minutes. Meanwhile you chop the basil leaves. Put it in a medium bowl and add the yoghurt to mix it together. When it is mixed, add the lemon juice to give it a bit more taste. Now you have made your own simple pesto – indeed no olive oil but yoghurt in this version. Steer until it is well mixed. While the fusilli is still cooking, slice the pepper and the champignons. Fry these together with the little chicken strips short in a frying pan. Probably until the fusilli is cooked.
Then both pans are ready. First you mix your selfmade pesto with the drained fusilli in a big bowl. Now you got your pasta pesto. Add all the other ingredients, mix it once again and your dish is ready. Dinner is served. Bon appetit!
If you like you can serve a little side salad beside it as well. Some lettuce, maybe leftovers of the chickenstrips, some cherry tomatoes, parmezan cheese, sunflower seeds, a bit of the pesto dressing and done.

Greetings by Sophie

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