Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge

Goodreads logoHi readers!

Since a few months I am a member of Goodreads, the social media website where you can list the books you have read. Where you can find inspiration to read other books and which ones, Where you can find other booklovers and it has a big book database! Goodreads is bought by Amazon when it became very popular, so every book you can buy on Amazon, you can find on Goodreads as well. With my profile I can keep up how far I am in a book – works motivating – and also which kind of version, edition and language specifications. Goodreads works with the ISBN or ASIN. It is really helpful and you can also search for books you have read years ago. My library has a list of books I have borrowed, but years ago I was member of another library and I can’t – if it still exist – access that list anymore…all the books I have borrowed when I was a child. Sad, but I recognized some books I have read. Found them again on Goodreads. And as you can see –> I integrated the Goodreads widget on my blog. Here you find the last five books I have read.

You can also set a goal each year to read a number books. My goal is 52 books anno 2015 so that means one every week. When I’m busy with studying I read my studybooks and in free time I read all the other kind of books. From thick to thin and from hardcover to e-book. For the real hardcover books I buy them at a bookshop or I borrow them at the library. But I don’t want to pay for the e-books, not yet at least. And there are many free e-books so why not read them. Not the books everyone is reading and is trending…but just the books that you see on your path.

In short: Goodreads is in my opinion what the IMDb is for films, though Goodreads has a free community space and accepts edits from members. My questions to you is:

What is Goodreads to you? Are you also a member?

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