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‘Google Trips’ versus ‘Google MyMaps’

Last week Google introduced ‘Google Trips’. A sytem/application that hold every part of information for you holiday together, offline, in one application.

For my holiday in Vienna I used ‘Google MyMaps / Plan’ to make my own map of placed I wanted to visit and my family could follow where I would probably be on a day. Or where all those cultural sites are and the interesting things I wanted to visit. Offline only visible by printing your custom made map.

The ‘Google Trips’ application is even way better than just a map. You have all the information such as booking, phone numbers of the place, opening hours and so on…available in one place and offline available. I am wondering how big (in MB) the application will be. How much data, usage space and so on it will use when you have planned a trip. Or does your phone not have enough memory space…

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Uploaded on 15 Sep 2016

Meet Google Trips. It’s designed to give you everything you need to have the best vacation, right at your fingertips. Fill each day of your trip with fun activities you love without all the work. Go with Google Trips, available now on Android ( and iOS (

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