Halloween Decorations 2020

This weekend it is Halloween so I have written a blog post with a set of inspiring decorations for this years home edition.

Photo by Toni Cuenca on Pexels.com

The outside decoration

My favourite home decorations I came across so far. And yes this one has some huge spiders but in this photograph it is daylight and outside on a white wall and I try to ignore them… I am more captured by the pointy hats that are floating in the air.

The fireplace decorations

I found two very different but amazing fireplace decorations. One that really fits a dark wooden floor house and a dark fireplace and / or television on the mantel shelf. The other fits a very bright home that has a light coloured or wooden floor but above all has much light from the windows surrounding the fireplace, so it is not a natural (semi) dark corner.

The staircase decoration

At many staircases you see pumpkins, sometimes some Christmas decoration lights already and mice, bats or spiders. But this year I stumbled upon this enlightened staircase which is even a bit cute.

The small everywhere in the house decorations

You can place them everywhere in the house, it is easy and quick to create and not expensive at all. I’m talking about the small ‘everywhere in the house’ decorations. Some easy colourful examples:

Enjoy these Do It Yourself ideas!

And have a nice Halloween!

Loves from Sophie

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